A .name Domain Name Is As Unique As You

WHY A .NAME? Nothing represents you like your name. It’s been your brand since you were born. So when you’re online, you want your identity to match who you are in the real world. Do it with a .name domain name, which allows you to maintain your individuality and uniqueness.

With a .name you can:

Be Yourself

Present anything, and everything, about yourself with a .name. Whether it’s playing the piano or a portfolio of artwork, a .name tells the world it’s solely about you.

Control Your Online Image

Why let other websites and social platforms tell your story? Share the real, authentic you the way you want to, and when you want to.

Be Confident

.name is powered by Verisign, which means you get the same proven expertise that has kept .com and .net running with 100 percent operational accuracy and stability for more than 25 years.


Your image, or personal brand, is determined by what the world sees, hears and experiences about you. This is especially true in today’s digital world, where so much about you is already shared on the internet.

Take ownership of your online brand and build it right in four steps!

Get a Personalized Web Address

Register your .name domain name and create a single destination point for all your personal and career achievements.

Define Your Brand

What's your story? Think about what you want to share or promote about yourself to the world.

Build Your Online Space

Use your .name to redirect people to your social media site, build a website or use as your personalized email address.

Promote Your Brand

Share your .name by leveraging social media, adding it to your resume/business cards, and emailing friends and recruiters with your personalized email address.


Having a domain name doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a website. There are other effective options to use your web address to build and promote your personal brand.

Two Great Options:

Create a personalized email address

Branded emails aren’t only for corporate use. Personalize your own email address, especially if you’re searching for a job, to keep you top of a recruiter’s mind

Redirect to your social platform

Direct (also called web forwarding) friends, family or potential employers to your Facebook, blog or LinkedIn page to get updates about you or to learn more about your professional skills

And Remember: if you do need a website in the future, you already have your domain name and can easily redirect it to your site!


You may want to consider becoming a .name registrar, especially if you’re in a business that offers web-related services such as website building, email or SEO. After becoming a registrar, we can help you support your clients with our registry services.


Your name defines you. So protect your most important asset with a domain that is as unique and as one-of-a-kind as you. With a .name, you have the perfect platform for establishing, promoting and controlling your personal brand online. With a .name, you can be you.

Get your .name now through one of Verisign's accredited domain name registrars. To select the right partner, learn some helpful tips on picking the right domain name registrar that will meet your specific needs.

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